Subliminal | The world has fallen apart! You won’t believe who’s gonna save us!
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The world has fallen apart! You won’t believe who’s gonna save us!

05 Dec The world has fallen apart! You won’t believe who’s gonna save us!

For years our world has lived suspended wholly in space turning so graciously giving us everything we’ve needed to survive. Many wonders happened on our world, the rise and fall of civilizations, the majestic beauty of nature, and the invention of bubble gum. It was pretty nice, until that one fateful day that we all remember. The day the stars fell.

It was a nice warm summers evening where I was having a yummy dinner. The dinner comprised of a tasty green chile cheese rolled enchilada, buttered asparagus, pan seared pearl onions, and homemade apple pie. One tends to remember these things when it’s their favorite food for their birthday. The enchiladas were definitely the best part. As dinner was coming to an end and jokes were being exchanged across the table a loud wizpop sounded with a rave of light beaming through the windows. The light beamed so bright it made our special dark-out curtains worthless (I wanted to return them after that for false advertising). Every color imaginable shown along with every color outside the visible spectrum ran into my eyes bringing so much awe and beauty that I never had seen. Quickly after a thunder boomed that would make Thor feel inadequate and a shake in the ground that felt as if we were standing on a pogo stick strapped on a rollercoaster.

Split and crack, thud and whack, the house fell flat all around the dinner party leaving just the table and food alone. About the floor the dinner guests were strung and tangled in strange ways that you only see in the most professional games of Twister. Above us the light fell in the most amazing shower of stars I have ever seen. Light everywhere. Warm like the hot tub after a play in the snow. Terrifying as you see beauty itself fall past you. It was an odd sight. There was no impact, no more rollercoaster pogo sticks. As we looked forward we couldn’t see the mountains that laid to the east of our home. Well that’s not true.

Just passed my little garden, passed the apple tree where we picked our apples for the pie, there was nothing. That may sound confusing but I am serious. Where the sidewalk would be there it wasn’t. I walked slowly from the table on to the fallen wall then to the grass then inching myself to the tree and held on to its trunk as I peered down. I was never good with heights, I would get flush and swallow my heart even if I was only a few feet high, so the sight I saw gave me the spooks. Below us was the mountain that would tower over us like a loving guardian, now small like a pebble to put into a slingshot.

The world split. My birthday ruined with beautiful destruction. I didn’t even get to open my presents that day. Oh well, at least the pie was good.

Everywhere I looked I started to see the floating land masses that was my world. The toy shop that I would often buy bouncy balls and trading cards bobbed  up and down, up and down, up and down. It bobbed in a way that I feel sorry for anyone in there since those bouncy balls must be going crazy. The little grocery store where I bought the green chile was half on one floating island and on half on the other, everyone seemed fine except for being agitated about the fact that they couldn’t get to their car. All of my favorite places floated about me but I was afraid to look down.

Although something did catch my eye. The light didn’t stop it just grew smaller. The light brought my head down over the broken earth where I stood. It made me dizzy and I lowered myself to lie on my belly to help alleviate the twisting of my stomach. I saw so far down below a star. It was so beautiful and inviting. It must’ve been miles down but it was so easy to see. I wanted to touch it, no I had to. I had to grab onto it and give it the biggest hug I ever gave.

Air rushed passed me and I could hear screams racing after me as I saw my friends then the star the my friends then the star. I was tumbling through the void where ground once was. I wasn’t scared though. With a forced push of my tail and a twist of my body I corrected which way I was falling. I never felt wind like that before. It bit at my face, pressed my whiskers, tousled my fur, and made a sound like being in a blender. I am only able to think of it now as the only thing I wanted was the light of the star.

Faster and faster and faster the star grew bigger and bigger and bigger. My paws outstretched as I was falling directly into its light. I grabbed at it and it was not hot but perfectly warm and lovely. But as soon as I grabbed it I also heard a loud wizpop and the movement of a rollercoaster pogo stick ride as I looked around and saw my friends in front of my fallen birthday party wide-eyed gaping mouths on each of them. Still holding onto the star, which I realized was smaller than I thought, I looked around seeing that much of the earth formed back together, not all but enough to play a game of soccer on. My friends yelled in unison “RUSTY!” and came running towards me to deliver the biggest hug I ever received. Licks and tears and cries of amazement came from everyone asking what happened.

I could hardly contain myself but all that fell from my being was a single “meow…” and I fell over still clutching the star.


That’s the day my world fell apart. It’s also the day that my friends and I found out how to bring it back together. From then on we decided it was our duty to find all the fallen stars and  reform the earth. That day we became Sky Pets.

Rusty Cat
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