Subliminal | Where’d all the Twitch Stream go?
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Where’d all the Twitch Stream go?

03 Jun Where’d all the Twitch Stream go?

Hey All! We’re back from Idaho and we’re working hard on Oh My Fat Guy! You’re probably wondering where all the promised Twitch Streams are. Well for the past 2 nights we’ve worked out at Village Inn since its way too hot back at home and they don’t have the best Wi-Fi. I’ll try to start-up the Twitch Stream again tomorrow but tonight I couldn’t take the heat so I got out of the office.

We’re working hard on getting Oh My Fat Guy done as soon as possible and in your hands. Currently I’m getting the High Score board for OUYA implemented and getting all the new awesome artwork that Shandiin has created into the game, it’s going to look gorgeous!

Something that we keep working on is how the game plays. This isn’t big changes, it’s all the tiny things that make a game fun. How does the character speed up? Or is he at full speed all the time? What is his jump arc like? Does he explode when you eat too much? How big does he get? All these things we take into account and that’s just for the character. We’re playing with different things constantly till it feels perfect and we may even continue to do so if we feel that it controls the best it can when it’s on the market. We will work fast but we won’t give you a crappy game.

So I do apologize for those who have wanted to watch the Twitch Stream. I will continue tomorrow night at 6pm PST.

Stay awesome!

Ryan Leonski
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