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The Illustrious Subby Duct Tape Award

10 Jul The Illustrious Subby Duct Tape Award

The other day we sent out an award to our friends at Muteki Corp for their retro JRPG game Dragon Fantasy Book 2. We wanted to let them know how awesome we thought their game was so we gave them a Subby. What’s a Subby?

The Illustrious Subby Duct Tape award is given to those who excel and love with a great passion at the various things they do. One may receive one for the best video game of a certain genre, or could receive one for astounding artistic skills, for an interesting talent, or for an astounding life. We celebrate life and it’s wonders. But why is it made of duct tape? If I could I would make it out of the finest materials ever crafted, and I will someday because what it represents deserves it, but at the moment I can only put the passion into what it represents. So yes it is a little silly, but so is life and joy and all that is amazing and astounding. If you are awarded a Subby it will bring a smile because you know that what you did to deserve it is wondrous.

As we say in our letters that we give along with the award we take great care and time into the creation of a Subby. It takes a fortnight to create the Illustrious Subby Duct Tape Award with only those most passionate aloud to craft it. One must travel to the tallest mountain in the Land of Enchantment and once started cannot be stopped. Much love goes into a Subby award.

See the award that we gave to Muteki Corporation below and check out their game series Dragon Fantasy for PS Vita, PS3, and mobile.

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Do you, or someone you know, deserve a Subby? Let us know why by commenting below, tweeting to @SubliGaming or @subliminalman, or on our facebook page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Ryan Leonski
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