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That’s a mighty fine Login screen.

18 Jul That’s a mighty fine Login screen.

So let me tell you about the Sky Pets login screen! Yes the login screen. Why the login screen? Because it’s cool, that’s why.

Sky Pets is a game that can travel with you between devices, meaning your pets follow you. In order to keep everything all nice and dandy for you we are creating a system that will keep you connected with little hassle. Want to sign in with a Facebook profile? You can do that. How bout email? Yup! Don’t want to login and play offline? ¬†Sure, why not?

What we’re essentially saying is that we want you to play our game without any worries of it not being available to you.

Now we do want to mention that it will be secure, make no mistake about that. We want to make sure your pets are safe and yours to play with. They’re not for some evil person to snatch away and make them look silly. That would make all of us very sad indeed. In order to do this we’re using these fun (at least to me) ways of doing encryption. I would tell you but that wouldn’t make it very secure, now would it?

First pass at login screen

First pass at login screen

I must say that at the moment it is not very pretty. Sorry about that, at the moment it’s in my hands and I make things function and kinda pretty. Don’t worry though! It will look astonishing once Shandiin gets her hands in the mix for when it’s in the final build. People from miles around will say how amazing our login screen is! Well perhaps not, but that’s not the point. The point is that we’re giving you a great gateway to your Sky Pets and we hope you enjoy every aspect of it.





Now here’s a picture of a kitten (1 of 3) that we’re currently fostering. Enjoy!

Berlioz the fluffy black kitten.

Berlioz the fluffy black kitten.

Ryan Leonski
  • Joseph Collard
    Posted at 09:44h, 18 July Reply

    What happens if I play offline on two different devices, creating several different pets on each. Then, I decide I want an account. Do all of my pets sync together? What happens if some of them are named the same thing? O.o

    I don’t want to lose Scruffy or Scruffy!

      Posted at 14:41h, 18 July Reply

      We don’t want you to lose Scruffy or Scruffy either! We’re still working out how we’re going to do offline but keeping pets you make is a priority. And yes you can have pets with the same name.

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