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Falling With Style

Hey everyone, a quick update with big news! We're adding costumes to Sky Pets! In our next update you will be able to...

She Said Yes

Two things have been the focus of my life for the past couple of years. My girlfriend and Sky Pets. So it seems...

Jumble your Pet!

Don't know what you want your pet to look like? Click the random button! There are a ton of options, click to find the...

Boomer’s Day Out

Boomer is a dog who hides his excitement well. You could be having dinner with him and he could have won the lottery...

Secrets of Sky Pets

These are five rumors we have going on here at (Subli)minal Gaming for Sky Pets. We don't know if these are real or...

Moving forward

A few weeks ago we released Alpha 0.2 of Sky Pets for people to try on their phone and  we're getting great feedback...

Some of our Inspiration

We love our cats here at (Subli)minal Gaming. They're ridiculously awesome and help us come up with fun ideas. If you have awesome...