Subliminal | Your stamina is low! How we gauge it better!
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Your stamina is low! How we gauge it better!

08 Nov Your stamina is low! How we gauge it better!

Although it may seem minuscule in the grandness of a game some details do matter, and the stamina meter is one of them. One of the mechanics within Sky Pets is to slow down your pet by having it flap its little pet arms for those moments that require additional precision. Although it’s useful your pet can only handle flapping their arms for so long before they become tired and need to rest.

In terms of game design it’s easy to implement this mechanic and adds another tool for us to work with when creating levels. The problem lays within how we convey the information that is needed to the player so you can quickly see the state of your pet.

Early Gauges

Early Gauges

Again it seems trivial but there were different ideas of how to communicate how tired your pet was. One of them was purely visual where the pet would be dripping with sweat if you flapped to long and stop when it’s arms became tired. This one while funny didn’t convey how much time you had left to flap and could be confusing at times. 

The fuel gauge was an interesting concept but it conveyed too much within the design space, meaning that it could be hard to read.

The bar, while simple, was visually uninteresting. Too plain and it would disappear completely. This was our least favorite of them all since it seemed to lack any personality and didn’t seem to fit the games feel.


What we finally decided on was the simple circle stamina gauge. It’s shape fit within the visual style of the game, easy enough to read information quickly and in an interesting way without being distracting.  This was actually the first type of gauge we created but wanted to go around and see what each would feel like in the game.

Round Gauge

Round Gauge

We’re really happy with our decision and hope you enjoy the care we put into every detail of Sky Pets.


Ryan Leonski
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