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Sky Pets SNOW!

06 Nov Sky Pets SNOW!

We love snow here at (Subli)minal Gaming. This is because we live in a desert and don’t get too much of it. When we went to school we would have the rare snow day but only if the snow got higher than an inch. Yes thats right, an inch. We’ve had deeper snow than that but still I find it funny.

Why am I saying this? Well we’re working on new content for Sky Pets and the next world that we are working on has snow! So mystical, so frosty.

Check out our concept art below!

Oooh snow!

Oooh snow!

We hope you’re excited for our new world theme to come out, it’ll be in your hands soon.


If you’re wondering where the Sky Pets Pet of the Week is, we’re moving that to Friday to be with the Vlog. Submit your pets on our Facebook page to enter!

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((‘) (‘) A bunny

Ryan Leonski
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