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19 Jan Sky Pets Menus

Menu_Pet_Select   Menu_Pet_Editor   Menu_Worlds_Desert Menu_Worlds_Plains   Menu_Worlds_Fire   Menu_Levels_Plaints

These are menu mock ups for my game Sky Pets. I was going for a look that was both cute and simple. I imagined that Sky Pets characters would live in little houses with paw print wall paper, so I made that a dominated theme. I was kind of inspired by the wallpaper from Gromit’s room in the Wrong Trousers to tell you the truth (#seeminlyunrelatedinspirations).

I did a bit of research on the menu designs of popular mobile games that related to Sky Pets in theme, gameplay, and/or style.  Btw, I made a pinterest board of my reference material. So the general idea I got from that research was don’t be afraid of shiny buttons with gradients that “pop”, and drop shadows. Now this goes against the aesthetic I acquired as a modern/minimalist graphic designer, but I feel like those aspects can be utilized in a tasteful way and still fit in the box of resembling a video game menu. So I hope that is something I managed to achieve here.

I’ll post a video of the menus in action later. My partner has already implemented most of the menu graphics in the game and the way they transition and slide is looking fantastic.

  • Tina Newby
    Posted at 19:26h, 19 January Reply

    Looks interesting. I look forward to following your progress.

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