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Secrets of Sky Pets

22 Nov Secrets of Sky Pets

These are five rumors we have going on here at (Subli)minal Gaming for Sky Pets. We don’t know if these are real or not as information seems illusive. Go through the game and see if you can find any of them and let us know.

1. Ghosty

He's watching you

Artist’s rendering of ghosty

Sightings of Ghosty have been around since Alpha 0.1. No one in the office though has seen this illusive pet. He is said to be Rusty from the original Sky Cat as a ghost. No one has added his files nor coded this into the game. But when sent to the judges at IndieCade there were flashes and static on the screen with a white Rusty in the back with red eyes. Every once in a while we get bug reports stating the same phenomenon. Watch out and don’t collide with him, he may delete your pet.

2. Secret Ninja Level

Ninja Overlord

Ninja Overlord

We hear that there is a super secret ninja level where you can prove your super ninja skills. To get to this level we hear you have to hit the 32nd block at a time that ends with 2 (example 1min 52 seconds) on the 3rd Ancient¬†level with a pet named “Yamato” in it’s original Kanji form. On top of that you need to create at least 64 pets. The level you unlock is extremely challenging and will test your will, your strength, and your dexterity. If you can beat the level you will be rewarded with the supreme ninja overlord costume. Good luck.

3. Your friends pets drop by

We want you for Sky Pets!

We want you for Sky Pets!

We hear that sometimes in the background of the sky you are falling through there are pets living on islands. These pets come from your friends and decide to inhabit your world. They eat, sleep, and play on little islands where they put their home. Look for them!

4. Drop the bomb

Drop the bomb!

Drop the bomb!

Some users have reported that the bomb from Sky Cat has come over to Sky Pets. The bomb was used to destroy everything on screen and create a clear path for Rusty. In Sky Pets this also happens but it also destroys the earth of the level creating an empty void. Be careful with this item cause it can crash your game, or give you a glitched highscore table that increases all of your top scores times 50.

5. Mango Lassi Recipe

So Tasty

Mmmm Mango Lassi

Hidden in one of the songs for Sky Pets there may be a recipe on how to make the perfect Mango Lassi. We don’t know if this is true or not since this was brought to our attention by a friend who moved away who happened to be an audiophile. We asked our musician but he isn’t saying anything. Let us know if you find it, we’d like to make a mango lassi.

Keep your eyes and ears out for these illusive mysteries in Sky Pets!

Ryan Leonski
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