Subliminal | Our Top 10 Internet Cats!
We love cats so much that we just had to make a top 10 list of our favorites
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15 May Our Favorite Internet Cats

We at Subliminal Gaming love cats! In fact we have three of them who happen to be our bosses and they told us we have to make a list of our favorite felines. So to make sure that we don’t get a hairball instead of a paycheck here’s our Top 10 Internet cats!



Lil Bub

Lil Bub is a special little kitty who has the cutest face ever and the biggest heart. She’s an author, talk show host, movie star, and runs her own charity. Her rise from runt of the litter to celebrity is a sweet reminder that all special need pets should be given a chance to shine. It’s also rumored that she’s from outer space, but that’s okay.

Website | Instagram | Youtube




Maru is a pudgy Japanese cat that loves boxes. No matter what size the box is Maru will sit in it. He’s got lots of kitty curiosity and has a quirky personality.

Website | Youtube




George is an adorable Garfield lookalike who stands up on two legs just like his cartoon twin. He even plays pranks on his little dog friend. When George isn’t impersonating a human he’s usually taking a cat nap.

Instagram | Youtube




Snoopy is an exotic shorthair from China that is too cute to seem real. He’s a kitty fashionista with adorable costumes, fancy collars, silly hats, and photogenic looks. He also enjoys taking baths!




Princess Monster Truck

Monster is a recue kitty who was picked up off the streets of New York City. Her unique face has made her a poster child of animal rescue and helps people understand that furry little monsters need loving homes too.

Website | Instagram | Youtube



Pompous Albert

Albert is a Selkirk Rex who always sports a frown on his mug and fully embraces his evil kitty nature. This cat show reject is here to show the world that he means business one soul penetrating glare at a time.




Hamilton The Hipster Cat

Hamilton is the hippest cat around with is double set of whiskers and handsome looks. He’s everything you want in a cat, lazy, fluffy, and cooly apathetic.





Pudge is an exotic shorthair with a sweet little mustache, but don’t let that handsome face fool you into thinking that she’s a boy. Pudge is a cool trendy cat and she knows it. She also has the cutest nap time face.

Website | Instagram | Youtube



Shiro and Friends

Shiro or better known as “Skironeko”, “white cat”, or “basket cat” is a cool complacent kitty who sits in baskets and balances things on his head and paws. His crew of equally apathetic friends are all just as stackable and make the perfect set of lazy Japanese felines.

Website | Youtube




Nala is a curious little kitty with an expressive pair of baby blues. She always looks like she’s ready for an adventure, but she’s quite the napper. Nala was once an abandoned kitten at a pet shelter and is now an advocate for helping needy pets.

Website | Instagram | Youtube

Do you have a favorite internet feline or do you have a silly kitty of your own? Share them in the comments!

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