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OMFG Idaho

27 May OMFG Idaho

So we’re doing something fun here at (Subli)minal Gaming, it’s so fun in fact it waistband stretchingly fantastically fun. We’re going to Idaho!


Wait what? How is that fun?

Yes we said it! We’re headed to the great state of potatoes for some family fun! My sister is graduating and we’re celebrating.

Why should I care?

We are celebrating two ways!

1. We’re going to Yellowstone! WOOOO!

*sigh* Sooooo….

2.ANNNND! We’re making you a great game about a rotund fellow rolling forever called Oh My Fat Guy!



So if you remember we worked on a game back in January for the Global Game Jam called Oh My Fat Guy. It came to us from the mind of Shandiin after answering the question, “What is the dumbest thing you can think of?”. Of course she said “A fat guy rolling over children” and we went with that idea. 48 hours later we came up with the first version of OMFG which you can play online.

So why are you picking it up again? Aren’t you working on Sky Pets?

We want you to know that Sky Pets is doing awesome, we’re getting it ready for IndieCade and plan to have new level out to you soon.

Wanted to give you something fun and complete sooner though. We’ve been developing Sky Pets for a long time and in all honesty we get burnt out sometimes. We’re taking a small amount of development time to create a big experience quickly.

Oh My Fat Guy is an infinite runner in the same vein as Robot Unicorn Attack where the goal is to go as far as possible. We are still working out what exactly we want to do with the game but since we’re able to prototype quickly and focus on fun we get to move through ideas fast.

Eat get big. Get too big go BOOM!



This was the original idea of OMFG and  honestly it is currently on the chopping block. Why? We don’t know what to do with this idea of getting bigger. Essentially the question is “Why does he get big and is it fun?” and this is not an easy question to answer. We liked this idea when the game was a bit more platformer-y where you had full control of the character since it gave you the challenge of lack of mobility. You would have to try to be certain sizes for certain areas. With an endless runner it doesn’t work as well.

How long will this take?

W’re trying to make this development cycle just a couple weeks. We have already been working a full week and have the basis complete but we’re still unearthing the fun. This process is mostly to do with level design and character movement so we hope to have this aspect done by the end of our second week. On our third week (if we have to go that long) is all about presentation and polish. Once we’re done with that we will release to Mobile, Web, and the Ouya console. Like we said, we want this process to be short and sweet.

Live Streaming


I almost forgot! We’ve been livestreaming development of the game nightly around 6pm PST at my Twitch Channel. Come join us sometime! It may be a weird schedule this week since I’m in Idaho but I’ll try to be on as often as I can. In the mean time watch some of the backlog!

We’re excited for Oh My Fat Guy and I hope you will enjoy it as well!



Ryan Leonski
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