Subliminal | New Sky Pets Alpha! Meena Edition!
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New Sky Pets Alpha! Meena Edition!

09 Nov New Sky Pets Alpha! Meena Edition!


Sky Pets is now at Alpha 0.255 and you can get it by signing up to the Tester Program!

Here’s our release log to see whats new!

Sky Pets Alpha 0.255

New Features

  • Day/Night cycle sky
  • New Premade Pet Meena
  • 2 new Levels
  • Switch to new tiling system
  • New Loading Screens

Fixed Bugs

  • Character Creation not responding

Known Bugs

  • Character color not staying if editing pet. Make sure to set the color for each part if you don’t want it white
  • Three levels have been temporarily removed due to small issues with the new tiling system.


Sign up, enjoy, and give us feedback!

Ryan Leonski
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