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Moving forward

17 Sep Moving forward

A few weeks ago we released Alpha 0.2 of Sky Pets for people to try on their phone and  we’re getting great feedback for the game so far! We haven’t updated in a little while because we are currently working on some under the hood stuff to have the game run and load faster for people while fixing some bugs. We will have it out for you soon!

If you want to join in the alpha please email to join!

We’re also excited to let you know that Ryan is going to IndieCade in Los Angeles to show off both Sky Pets and Get A Grip and will be providing you with great coverage of the event! We’re going to talk to fellow indie game developers and also to console manufacturers so keep an eye out for cool stuff.

So that’s it for this post, a quick update on what’s happening in the near future! Look for upcoming screenshots for both Get A Grip and Sky Pets!


Ryan Leonski
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