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06 Jun Hello!

So this is the very first post to the (Subli)minal Gaming dev blog! My name is Ryan Leonski and I am the co-founder and CEO and lead developer and programmer and dreamer and etc etc. We wear many hats here because we are an indie game dev studio out from Albuquerque New Mexico. When I say we I mean my girlfriend Shandiin who is also co-founder and fantastic artist and level developer, David who is our musician extrodranair, and Sheldon the always enthusiastic and awesome intern.

The coolest team ever!

(Subli)minal Gaming development team from left to right Ryan, Shandiin, Sheldon, David

So what do we do? Well we’re currently working on a title called Sky Pets. It’s a awe inspiring game where you guide a falling pet through a sky full of hazardous obstacles to collect the stars that have fell from the sky. It is your job to retrieve these stars to bring light back to the skies and bring the broken earth back together. With this blog we get to tell you how we work and show you whats new with the game.

“Sky Pets is what I like to call a vertical anti-platformer.”

For this post I wanted to go over the game play within Sky Pets and how you will interact with your pet. Sky Pets is what I like to call a vertical anti-platformer. What I mean is that instead of trying to get to the next platform you are continuously falling as you avoid intense obstacles. You do this by swiping your finger to push your pet left and right on the screen as well as swiping down to dive like a super hero and swiping up to flap your pets arms to slow down. This game was created for those love pets and love the thrill of falling with style!

So whats some of the stuff you have to look out for as you fall towards the star?

Bricks – Why are there bricks in the sky? Who knows? All that matters is that they are there and they will quickly end your game if you splat your pet on them.

Gears – Straight from a giant clock that may have the name Ben, these gears will spin making it difficult to maneuver through. Careful you may get squished.

Airplanes – These metal wonders litter the sky and pose a big threat to your pets journey. They have a schedule to keep but don’t know which way they’re going so they circle the same spot. Make sure the stay away from them!

This is the first of many blog posts to come.

Please comment below and follow the developers on twitter @Subliminalman and @Shandiin . Also like the facebook page to get more exclusive stuff.
  • Greg
    Posted at 05:25h, 06 June Reply

    Looks promising. Gamers tend to be very dismissive of iOS games, but I’ve found plenty examples of well made ones, such as Year Walk, Ridiculous Fishing, Rayman Jungle Run, Sword and Sworcery, and so on. Just
    Gamers tend to belittle anything that they think doesn’t fit within a certain defined box, and I think that’s a pretty narrow-minded and ignorant mindset to have. Probably one of the reasons the stereotype of the gamer hasn’t gone away yet.

      Posted at 05:40h, 06 June Reply

      What we would like to do is have this game become the “Mario” of mobile and pc, meaning that its accessible but insanely great. Its for both casuals who want to play for five minutes and for the hardcore who want to beat their friends speed run or take them out in multiplayer. Here’s to breaking the stereotype of shallow games for mobile!

  • Joseph Collard
    Posted at 13:48h, 06 June Reply

    Dude! I’m getting pumped for this game. I can’t wait to give it a go on my tablet! 😀

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