Subliminal | Happy New Year 2016!
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Happy New Year 2016!

01 Jan Happy New Year 2016!

It’s the new year and we’re looking back at how awesome 2015 was! We released Sky Pets, Shandiin and I are now engaged, we got an award, we even started work on our next game which we’ll tell you about soon! It really has been an amazing year.

So first off for January 1st we’re making Sky Pets free for iOS! Download it now and enjoy! I hope you have fun playing!


If you’ve been wondering where the Costume Update has been for Sky Pets, sorry we have delayed it into January. Part of it is the amount of content and the other part is that December is a very crowded month for games on mobile. So we decided to hold it back till this month. You will be getting it very soon and I hope you enjoy. Thanks for your patience.

Clothing Concept Art

So now in 2016 we are setting our sights to our next game. We don’t want to fully announce it yet but we have begun prototyping it and we’ll be bringing your more news soon. With this game we want to build a community around the development so look forward to more updates on our blog, follow Shandiin and me on Twitter, and we may even start doing development live streams. For now I’ll just leave you with this concept art for the game.

new game

We look forward to an amazing 2016 with you and I hope you have a fantastic year!


Have fun, stay awesome.




Ryan Leonski
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