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Get a Grip

29 Aug Get a Grip

We have a new game! It’s called Get a Grip and it’s coming to iPad!

Get A Grip

Get A Grip

Get a Grip is a party game that will challenge you and your friends to grab hold of your tablet and complete ridiculously cool micro games. How cool are these micro games? So cool that ice seems hot.

How do you play Get a Grip?

Well here’s some instructions to help you along:

  1. Get some Friends. 
  2. Get an iPad.
  3. Get a Grip.
  4. Don’t Let Go or You’ll Lose!
  5. Play Micro Games.
  6. Get very happy.

But what if I don’t have friends? Then Get a Grip then Get Some Friends! Get a Grip will make you popular*.

So how much is Get a Grip going to be?

Well we though long and hard about this and after all the major benefits you get from Get a Grip, such as Extreme Good Lookedness* and Increased Awesomeness*, we decided that we will give Get a Grip to you for the awesomely awesome price of $1.99 . That’s right! $1.99!

When can I get it?




How soon?

We’ll let you know but it’s real soon!


How did you come up with this idea?

We we’re lonely and we needed friends. Also we were at the New Mexico Game Jam with other local developers to make a game in 48 hours. They wouldn’t talk to us because we were dressed weird. But after Get a Grip we were the hit of the party! er jam!

So check out Get a Grip on iPad and other devices soon! Real soon! Like seriously soon. Trailer to come sooner.

Early screen shots now!

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†by maybe we mean yes

Ryan Leonski
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