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Falling With Style

24 Nov Falling With Style

Hey everyone, a quick update with big news! We’re adding costumes to Sky Pets! In our next update you will be able to dress your pet to impress. We’ve been hard at work since the game released back in October working on fun little outfits for you to dress your pet in. You’ll be able to mix and match clothes across five categories  with a large assortment. From hats, to dresses, to gloves, bionic eyes and more you’ll be able to customize your pet even more.


I can finally give my pet a hipster stache!

To get costumes for your pets we’re introducing Presents to the world of Sky Pets. Each level will have a randomly placed Present that will have a random costume item inside. Not all costumes are made the same though! Some will be easy to come by, others will be very very rare, in fact Legendary! To get the costume inside you first have to grab it on your way down and not go splat! If you do then you will lose your present and a new one will respawn in the level. Once you grab the star though you will get to see what’s inside!



So what can you expect your pet to wear with the upcoming update? We got things like Anime Hero hair, Cybernetic Eye, Polka Dot Bowties, Princess Dress, Cozy Scarfs, Fasionista Glasses, Sushi Hats, Hair bows, and so much more!

Clothing Concept Art

Clothing Concept Art

The new update will be coming very soon along side some bug fixes and optimizations to the game! We’re shooting for a December release so please look forward to it!




Ryan Leonski
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