Subliminal | Endless Halloween!
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Endless Halloween!

31 Oct Endless Halloween!

Shandiin as a Blue Pikmin!

Shandiin as a Blue Pikmin!

Today’s Halloween! Woooooooo! Shandiin and I are excited and dressing up for the occasion! Can you guess what we are going as? Pretty cool right?

While that’s cool, it’s not as cool as what we’re doing with Sky Pets! We’re adding in an endless mode so that you can fall forever! Or at least as long as you don’t hit anything. We’re still in our first pass of the mode and even though it’s very simple it’s still a blast to play. Each time you play you get a course that is created on the fly, er fall, meaning no two play sessions are ever the same. As you fall you will be going through the different world themes encountering a diverse set of obstacles. So the question is, how low can you go?

Currently there is one part of one theme implemented for testing. Each theme is made up of different sections that get placed as you fall to create the obstacles and terrain you meet. A lot of our time creating this was finding a way to have a seamless experience in terms of frame rate. You should not notice any loading during gameplay that can cause a pause in your game that leads to your pet’s splat.

Adding in the endless mode has had some challenges to it, especially on the design side. The way we created levels before was with this tiling tool we purchased to use inside the game engine we use called Unity. The tiling tool was used to place objects on a grid and that’s it. You would create the item and snap it into place. This was fine for a while but would take a really long time to make levels since you would place down the tiles then change them to their proper image, whether that be grass, or earth, or whatever is needed. So to streamline content creation we found out a tool we were already using implemented tilemaps, the grid needed to make our levels. We upgraded and found that it worked really great in terms of content creation since you paint the tiles on instead of dragging and dropping objects.

Sky Pets in the editor

Sky Pets in the editor

Some issues arose from switching though. All of our old levels are now in need of upgrading and the new tilemaps got rid of some features that we used before. So when we would drag and drop tiles before we had an object already setup for it to act like ground, when we moved over it wouldn’t do that. I had to take a few days to create a workflow system to get the ease of content creation.

So what does this mean for you? Faster iteration time which means more updates which means the game will come out sooner! But there is still much that has to be done. In the coming weeks we will be adding in more sections to the endless mode for each theme and working on more levels for you to enjoy.

Tomorrow we will have a new Vlog for you to enjoy showing off the new endless mode and a bunch of other cool things that’s going on with ourselves and our friends!

Ryan Leonski
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