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05 May Boomer’s Day Out


Boomer is a dog who hides his excitement well. You could be having dinner with him and he could have won the lottery (which he did) and you wouldn’t think anything special has happened. He’s a pro at the poker face yet doesn’t play poker. He hasn’t lost a starring contest in his life.

Being raised in the urban jungle, Boomer would regularly stroll down to the his neighborhood hot dog stand and hangout. He’d spend his days watching pets go by quietly observing them, making mental notes and creating narratives of what he assumed their lives are like, more often than not being correct. Boomer’s favorite hot dog did not contain any meat, he mostly enjoyed the pickle and would either go for the tofu dog or forego the protein all together.

He always wanted to write a book but felt that the act of typing or writing it down would diminish the actual story, so he never bothered. Instead he would often tell his friends fragmented pieces and thoughts, though they didn’t always listen. Boomer was fine with that, he felt that the story was now in the world and that it served its purpose.

One day Boomer felt a longing to walk. He went down from his apartment on the third story, passed his favorite hot dog stand, left his neighborhood, and stepped out of downtown into the suburbs. He walked and walked and walked continuing on down near the highway. He didn’t know where he was headed, or even why he had this desire to continue, but he was walking forward as if his legs knew what his mind didn’t.

Boomer was not lost, in fact he knew the route he was taking, though it was odd to him that he was headed in the direction of Rusty’s house. He hadn’t talked to Rusty in a couple of days and he couldn’t remember anything particular from the last time they met. He thought it would be rude to pass by though without saying hello. So on the outskirts of town Boomer decided to stop and say hello to his longtime friend.

As Boomer got to the fence a jolt of a memory fired off in his brain. The thing his legs knew that his mind didn’t. He looked around and saw the balloons and streamers and a cold chill went through through his body remembering that it was Rusty’s birthday and he forgot to get him a present! It was his best friend’s birthday and he didn’t get him anything! What was Boomer to do? Standing dumbstruck with his usual blank expression Boomer for once in his life truly didn’t know what to do.

Rusty opened the door with a smile and invited Boomer in to the birthday celebrations. Though Boomer forgot about his best friends birthday this would be a day both of them would remember forever.




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Ryan Leonski
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