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Jumble your Pet!

Don't know what you want your pet to look like? Click the random button! There are a ton of options, click to find the...

Boomer’s Day Out

Boomer is a dog who hides his excitement well. You could be having dinner with him and he could have won the lottery...

Shiny New Coins!

  One of the oldest objects in Sky Pets are the coins. We've stared at them for so long that we could see them in our...

Sky Pets is off to GDC

We traveled through the great blue sky coming from our frozen desert of Albuquerque to the sunny bay of San Francisco to hang...

Sky Pets Menus

              These are menu mock ups for my game Sky Pets. I was going for a look that was both cute...


Ryan and I had a booth at Con-Jikan over the weekend. We demoed Sky Pets and gave "the highest of high fives" to people who...

100 Push Ups

So today was a fun and interesting one. I'm writing this from my phone as I lay in bed absolutely tired and wanting...