Subliminal | 7 things to enjoy from (Subli)minal Gaming
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7 things to enjoy from (Subli)minal Gaming

24 Oct 7 things to enjoy from (Subli)minal Gaming

Some great things are happening here at (Subli)minal Gaming for you to enjoy! We recently came out with Alpha 0.25 of Sky Pets that you can get on your phone to enjoy, and we’re moving towards Alpha 0.3 quickly. We will do more with social media to keep you in the loop of what we’re doing and give you a chance to help influence the game.

So what are we doing? Updates are coming to you throughout the week with special days! Starting this week we are posting great content to our facebook, twitter, and blogs updating you on all things (Subli)minal and Sky Pets related.


Early concept. Bit cluttered.

Early concept. Bit cluttered.

On Monday’s we will be posting concept art to give you a behind the scenes view of what we’re working on and see where our ideas are born. This could be anything from level ideas to old logos to programmer scrawls to give you insight on the games you’ll be playing soon. 


10,000 hours to become a master.

10,000 hours to become a master.

For the Sky Pets enthusiasts with pets we have Pet Tip Tuesday’s! These great tips will help you to continue being awesome with your little friends. Each tip is specially handcrafted by Ryan and Shandiin to help you with the important things, like what is the best top hat for your gecko or the best mousey toy for your cat.


Snarlin Auburn

Snarlin Auburn

Again for the Sky Pet’s fan we have Pet of the Week Wednesday’s where we announce the pet of the week submitted by you! To enter your pet just go to our Facebook page and comment on the current Pet of the Week post with a picture of your pet to enter! They can be chosen to come into the Sky Pet’s Hall of Pets and join the ranks of awesome.



It’s bloggin time!

Blog Thursdays! That’s what we’re doing today! A guaranteed blog post on Thursday or we have to do something silly that will be decided by you. We will blog about many things like behind the scenes, features of games, or just something fun and informal like “why is feta the best cheese?” (future post).


Vlogging is cool like mustaches.

Vlogging is cool like mustaches.

Vlog Fridays! It’s like Blog Thursday but in video form for those who don’t want to read as much, or for those who enjoy the reading but also want to see Ryan do silly things on camera. There will be special content just for the Vlog such as fan questions and cat theatre! Also we need a name for the Vlog! If you want to send a name idea just tweet it to @subliminalman and he will mull it over for a while.


Screenshot Saturday! See awesome screenshot of what we’re doing with our games. It’s a hashtag on twitter also but we wanted to make sure you got in on the fun as well. #ScreenShotSaturday


We hope you enjoy what’s coming and join in!


So what’s going on with Sky Pets Alpha 0.3?

I’m super glad you asked that! What we’re working on with our next alpha release is adding in endless mode so you can fall forever.

This is something that we’ve began working on early this October for you to enjoy. The game will give you randomly generated content to fall through as you go as far as you can to get the highscore while falling through familiar worlds. This is a great mode for anyone who just wants to play for a quick burst while waiting in between things, like on the bus, or at the doctor’s office.


Once we have endless mode in a good place we will be releasing it for you to try in Alpha 0.3 along with bug fixes to the character creation and more levels. Look forward to that in the coming weeks.

Join the Sky Pets Alpha.

We’re excited to bring all of this to you and we’re excited to hear from you as well!

If you have any questions/comments/pet photos for us post them in the comments below and talk to us on facebook and twitter!

Ryan Leonski
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