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100 Push Ups

08 Jun 100 Push Ups

So today was a fun and interesting one. I’m writing this from my phone as I lay in bed absolutely tired and wanting sleep but I must tell you my day! Today I was featured on the Ouya Cast podcast which is a product of two separate websites that talk about the little indie console that could. During the podcast I was able to discuss a few things that we are doing in terms of gameplay, business model, and when it’s going to release. The last part of that is important, when we release, since we’re being very open about our development we will be doing soft releases of the game on our website every night or else I have to do 100 push ups. Don’t worry I made it and you can play it here.

This game is a shorter development cycle so follow along and see the major strides we will make towards completion.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m tired and I am in need of awesome dreams.

Ryan Leonski
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