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Ryan is the driving force behind Subliminal as well our programmer and designer. He loves video games and has been creating them since he was 12 years old. He’s taught himself various game engines and programming languages, and he’s a prominent member in his local game development community. Ryan’s favorite game series is The Legend of Zelda.

Ryan Leonski

Programmer / Game Designer

Shandiin creates and designs all of the art for our games, as well as contributing to levels and game design. She grew up playing PC games and was training herself to be a traditional painter when those two worlds collided and she emerged as a digital artist. She loves cats, tea, fantasy novels, and Animal Crossing.

Shandiin Woodward

Art / Game Designer

Subliminal is an Albuquerque independent game studio focused on handcrafting whimsical and interactive experiences.

Subliminal was founded in 2011 by couple Ryan Leonski and Shandiin Woodward. Together the duo combined forces as programmer and artist and began creating games. They find inspiration in classic art and animation, Nintendo gaming, and most of all their three rambunctious pet cats. Their goal is to create colorful character based games that experiment with controls and gameplay. Ryan and Shandiin view themselves as modern artisans in a digital era and strive to challenge the conventions of the entertainment industry with their own homegrown approach. An important part of their philosophy is helping grow the indie game community in their home Albuquerque, NM.

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